Examination dates are near and students appearing for it are bound to stay a little nervous. Honestly speaking, examination trauma is something which all students face; only the level of it differs from student to student. And, perhaps this nervousness and trauma often interfere with the efficacy of their studies.

Few students simply cannot sit for long, while for some- even though they may be sitting for long hours, it is hardly fruitful. In either case, the idea is to arouse interest in what they learn and this will automatically help them concentrate on their studies. Having said so, two things really disrupt the concentration level of students as they sit to study.

One we had already mentioned earlier, which is the nervousness or exam phobia and the other being lack of interest in what they learn. Both of these causes are interrelated to each other. So, here in this piece, we will be discussing some interesting hacks that aspirants appearing for NEET or other competitive examinations will find beneficial. These are tips for exams which will help them prepare well and score good marks. Take a look at them one by one!

First Thing First

As examinations nearby, students must be stretching the hour of study from say 8-10 hours a day. While there is no harm in doing so, but what students need to ask yourself is- Is the study method learners are following or hour stretching really helping them to prepare well?

Students need to think it this way, in the 21st Century, it is extremely important to flex their creative muscles and adopt smart study regime. This is the success mantra for all students appearing for competitive and foundation exams. It helps students not miss out the fun elements in life and also keep the focus in studies side by side. Smart study schedule also helps students retain interest, keep their focus on studies and sit long to cover the entire syllabus for the exam soon.

More Hacks to Study Effectively With Adequate Understanding

In order to study well with emphasis to increase sitting power, students need to apply creative ways of learning. These smart ways of learning are-

  1. While they study tricky theoretical concepts, they need to look up for some video explanation before starting the topic right away. This is because visual and abstract images help students learn topics better than simply rote learning them.
  2. Breaking down the topics and segmenting out all the hard to grasp matter out of them. By doing so, students can easily figure out the stubborn concepts which have no other options but to rote them. It will also help students save their energy and apply the rote technique for just a select few concepts.
  3. Applying the baby technique of staying curious and constantly asking the “Why?” and “What?” to go to the depth of any concept. Often while studying any concept students fail to differentiate between the most significant and unimportant evidence of any topic. Thus, this leads them to rote even the unimportant portions mindlessly, wasting much of their time and leaving them exhausted.
  4. Another creative technique of learning is to not simply learn but test oneself between chapters. Here students need to take charge of both being a learner and teacher of oneself at the same time. Adopting the testing method will help them to stay confident in their progress and also understand areas where they need to put in more efforts.
  5. Keeping away digital distractions while studying can help students focus so much more on what they learn. In the age of frequent messaging through WhatsApp and social media platforms, it is bound to distract students and disrupt their concentration.

This tip for the study is considered to be a primary solution for all students in this 21st century. While at study time, efforts of students should be to use video tutorials and WhatsApp help to a certain limit which does not hamper their level of seriousness from studies.

  1. Maintaining a healthy regime to eat, exercise and sleep at least for 8 hours to keep the nerve cool and not feel stressed out while studying. Often times, it is the lack of a healthy regime that keeps a student feeling rather lethargic and face nervous breakdown during the exam time. Thus, students need to maintain a healthy body to have a healthy mind.

Thus, the key to preparing for exams so as to crack it without missing the goal is to study mindfully for long hours and concentrating while studying. As students manage to have a grip over these two elements, there is hardly anything that can stop them to score good marks in the competitive exams.