Every year, a large number of students from all parts of the country, appear for the JEE/NEET. Nonetheless, only a limited number of students are able to qualify because of the herculean competition. Such an exam requires an extensive amount of preparation and regular practice, which is not feasible without reducing interactions and cutting off from the outside world. It is essential for students to know how to overcome anxiety so that they can prepare effectively and give their best on the day of the examination. It is true that the competition is tough, but then, the reward is also immense. This article discusses the various effective ways to overcome anxiety and explains how to prepare for JEE/NEET Exam in the best way possible.

Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety

  • Adhere to a Healthy Timetable
  • Do Regular Practice
  • Don’t Over-Study a Day Before the Exam
  • Maintain Your Composure
  • Indulge in Physical Activity
  • Be Confident and Believe in Yourself
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Stay Calm and Relaxed Before the Exam
  • Bonus Tip: Reach the Exam Centre Before the Allotted Time

Adhere to a Healthy Timetable

It is necessary for students to maintain a healthy diet and stick to a well-planned timetable during the times of examination. One should consume healthy food and plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Various studies have shown that eating healthy food can have a great impact on a student’s performance during exams. Furthermore, foods that contribute to physical and mental energy are necessary during exams whereas students should avoid unhealthy meals at all costs, as certain foods can trigger anxiety and lead to a decline in their performance.

Do Regular Practice

The most efficient way to perform well in the exam is to do practice on a regular basis. Students should also consider availing online test practice as it could improve their speed and pace in solving the exam paper. It is essential to develop an exam strategy during mock tests to ensure that you pass in the examination with flying colors.

Don’t Over-Study a Day Before the Exam

One of the root causes of anxiety is studying too much before the exam. Make sure that you do not over-study a day before the exam as it can have a negative impact on your concentration level. Thus, in order to stay productive, you should follow your regular schedule to make sure that your performance does not suffer on the day of the examination.

Maintain Your Composure

Unwanted thoughts in mind before the exam can adversely affect your performance and thus, you must maintain your composure. To enhance your concentration level, you can try meditation such as deep breathing, as it will certainly help you think better.

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Indulge in Physical Activity

Physical activity such as regular exercise is the most efficacious way to get rid of examination stress. Exercise could range from going for a walk to swimming or whichever activity suits you the best. Your performance will get a boost as exercise releases natural feel-good chemicals such as endorphins.

Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

The only way you would be able to give your best is if you are confident and believe in yourself. You should always have a positive attitude irrespective of how difficult things get. Avoid negativity and visualize success. In addition to that, you must take into consideration that this exam is not the end and there are other remarkable opportunities awaiting you.

Eliminate Distractions

At times, distractions such as social networking sites can be quite diverting, and you must avoid squandering your time. To succeed, you should keep your final goal in mind and circumvent unnecessary social activities to attain victory.

Stay Calm and Relaxed Before the Exam

Before the day of the examination, you must ensure that you are calm and relaxed to avoid panicking at the last moment. Make sure that you have had a good night’s sleep and take small breaks whenever required. Maintain a stable and tranquil state of mind so that you can give your best.

Reach the Exam Centre Before the Allotted Time

You must reach the exam center before the allotted time so that you can know the seating arrangement and settle accordingly. If you arrive at the exam center in the last minute, you will get anxious and stressed before the commencement of the exam. Lastly, you must stay composed and attempt the paper with confidence.


In this age of ever-increasing competition, it is not a piece of cake to clear the JEE/NEET exam without being familiar with smart and efficient tips for examination. Without proper planning and adequate hard work, it is infeasible to crack such a difficult exam as there are millions of students who appear for it every year. Out of these, only a small percentage of students manage to pass in the examination.

Nevertheless, you must also keep in mind that unwanted pressure and stress before the examination can ruin all your valuable efforts. Therefore, by adhering to the examination tips mentioned in this article, you can succeed and turn your dreams into reality.