JEE is one of the most sought after entrance exam by the engineering aspirants. This exam witness appearing students in Lakhs and the figure is increasing every single year. Due to this enormous number of appearing students, JEE faces a lot of competition amongst the students. While this competition is supposed to bring out the best in the students, in most cases, it results in overburden and pressure. Being pressurized compels students to call it quits or give up in their extra-curricular activities.

While students are under pressure, they are not at their best self to decide what is good and what is not for them and therefore, here are some tips of preparation of JEE advanced 2019.

  • Concepts are to be cleared!

When students face a lot of syllabus at once, it is a common tendency to start mugging the topics instead of focusing on the concepts. Not just in the JEE advanced preparation but also life, understanding the logic and concept behind everything and every problem has more long time effects than blindly mugging topics. JEE advanced 2019 examination is a tricky paper to deal with, and it will test your logical reasoning in every way, it is better you clear your concepts in order to succeed.

  • NCERT is the bible!

Teachers or students, who have appeared for JEE before, know that the question paper seems to have a connection with the books of NCERT taught in most of the schools these days. NCERT is a must-practice book especially for the subjects of physics and chemistry. If you go through the previous year question papers, you will notice that a pattern is followed every single year. A lot of questions from the NCERT books are directly asked without any change. Your JEE advanced preparation must consist of thoroughly reading and revising the NCERT books first thing and then you can move to other books.

  • Foreign author books are suited for foreign exams

It is a trend, among the JEE aspirants to study the preparation books from foreign authors. Students need to understand that these books are written by foreign authors while JEE is an Indian exam conducted by Indian authorities. Don’t get demotivated if you are unable to understand all the concepts of these foreign author books. It’s not just that the concepts are foreign but also there is a difference in the Unit system, and it isn’t wise to convert units each time before starting to solve a problem.

  • Quality over quantity

You don’t need to cram a dozen books; rather, what you need to do is to study a few books but to understand every concept thoroughly. Once the concepts are understood, you can solve the questions from any book no matter if you haven’t even heard of that book before. Understanding the concepts rather than mugging the topics encourages the logical reasoning capabilities of the student.

JEE mock test

  • JEE and school studies go hand in hand

The students who are aspiring to appear in the JEE advanced 2019 examination for the first time, are likely to be a student of Twelfth standard, and they will have their board exams after JEE-Mains. Board exams are very important for students to complete their schooling life. To avoid schooling life to come in between their JEE advanced preparation, some students opt for dummy schools. However, attending a dummy school does not work for everybody as studying for JEE every day can get really exhausting and overwhelming. Board exams test your knowledge of basic concepts and should not be difficult if you master the art of conceptual writing.

  • Coaching helps, but self-study is the key

Coaching institutes play an important role in JEE advanced preparation, but the importance of Self-study should not be under-estimated. Start with the basics and slowly move ahead in the hierarchy of preparatory books.

  • Avoid using gadgets

Don’t use studies as an excuse to spend hours in front of your laptop or mobile. Go old school and hit the libraries if you want the real results.

  • Don’t try to predict the future

None of these tips of preparation of JEE advanced would be beneficial if you keep stressing about things. JEE might be prestigious, but it is not impossible. Put in the right amount of efforts and you will surely see the results.