Make an aim. Write it down. Plan the strategy and schedule everything.

NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is an All India Pre Medical/Dentist Test organized every year for the admission in MBBS/BDS programs. From 2019 onwards, the examination would be conducted by NTA.

The important dates to jot down and remember are: –

Admit Card 15 April 2019
NEET examination (offline) 5 May 2019 (Sunday)
from 2.00pm to 5.00pm.
Result 5 June 2019 (Tentative)

If you haven’t started the NEET 2019 preparation yet, it is time to gear up. Before studying, understand the marking scheme and the syllabus.

Number of questions 180 (objective)
Marks 720
Duration 3 Hours
Syllabus Physics, Chemistry, Biology (11th and 12th)
Marking Scheme Correct +4
Incorrect -1

Let us take a look at the section wise marking scheme and syllabus.

Section Number of Questions Marks
Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Zoology 45 180
Botany 45 180
Total 180 720

Tips for NEET Preparation in 4 months

To prepare for NEET in 4 months, you would have to dedicate your time in studies and practice. Here are some NEET Preparation Tips: –

  • Known your position

The syllabus for the exam mainly consists of 11th and 12th class physics, chemistry and biology. As your board exams are also near, you must be well-versed with the concepts and the topics. Give a Mock Test to determine your position in the NEET exam world. The result will make you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Keep a tab or a record of this mock test result as well and keep comparing the recent mock test scores with this one.

  • Mark the topics

Make a proper list of topics and concepts of the syllabus. It will help you in maintaining an eye on the topics that you have completed or have to do or revise. Divide a chapter into multiple topic wise divisions and tackle it one by one. Mark the topics and concepts on the list on their difficulty level. You can use colored markers for the same, like blue for easy and red for tough.

  • Practice and Practice

The key to crack any competitive exam is practice. Don’t wait for all your topics to be covered. It can take a long time and rarely, anyone finishes the whole syllabus. Make a routine of practicing at least one paper per day. Increase the number of mock tests slowly but not too slowly. It will help you improve your speed. Practice makes a man perfect, and it will also help you crack the exam. So, practice, practice, and more practice.

  • Be Healthy

The pressure of clearing NEET and making a career in the medical field can be intimidating. This can make the students feel mental pressure and in return, it affects their physical body as well. Keep in mind that a mentally fit body is a physically fit body. Also, do not skip meals. Take a healthy intake of foods. Maintain your vitamins, calcium, and proteins. If you feel drained out, take a break. Tired mind won’t be able to retain anything.

  • Past teaches study lessons

Go through the previous years’ papers religiously. It will help you understand the pattern and the format clearly. It will also give you an idea of the year-wise difficulty pattern. Though it is not written in concrete to follow that same pattern, it does help you in preparing yourself for the exam. If possible, attempt those to find where you stand.

  • Maintain notes

If you think you could revise from the books at the end moment, you are wrong. The books contain both useful as well as useless information. You need to find the useful ones and write them down. When you make notes, you are reading and writing down, the two actions make the words be memorized by the brain.

  • Ask questions

Have any doubt or didn’t understand the concept? ASK. Do not shy away and think the teacher would magically understand your dilemma. Sometimes, asking the question can lead you to get a grasp of the subject.

  • Self-motivation is the key

Be motivated. If you are not motivated to study or learn or top an exam, you won’t be able to do it. Keep yourself positive about the whole scenario. With knowledge and speed, you need a positive attitude to clear the competitive exams.

Do not overwork yourself. Be clear headed and go for it.

Stay Tuned for more tips and tricks.

All the best!