NEET is indeed one of the most coveted medical entrance examinations. A large number of aspirants are constantly struck by the thought of whether they can crack the NEET 2019 examination without coaching. Although most of the students need specific preparation and expert guidance to achieve high marks in NEET, it’s not the case for everyone. One can easily crack the exam by adhering to a certain set of important tips for preparation of NEET and consistently following a disciplined approach.

The primary purpose of coaching is to brush-up the existing skills of aspirants and invoke a sense of competition among them. This way, they remain motivated to work hard and put in continued efforts to gain an edge over their competitors. However, attempting to crack the NEET 2019 examination without coaching requires sincere effort and strategic planning simultaneously. Here are some essential tips to help you prepare for NEET 2019 so that you can succeed in your pursuit of cracking the toughest medical entrance examination of the country.

Essential Tips For Preparation Of NEET Exam

  • Collect information from trusted sources
  • Focus more on essential areas
  • Form an efficient study schedule
  • Take Mock Tests Regularly
  • Get high-quality study material
  • Solve last year’s examination papers
  • Believe in yourself
  • Take breaks to relax and rejuvenate

These are some important tips for preparation of NEET to help you ace the exam and turn your dreams into reality.

Collect information from trusted sources

Before you get started with your NEET preparation, it is imperative to gather relevant information from reliable sources. Since you are not taking coaching, you must be well versed with the exam pattern, syllabus, and similar information in advance while preparing for NEET.

Focus more on essential areas

Focus more on essential areas and have prior knowledge of the topics beforehand which are likely to come in the exam. Although it is important to know the entire syllabus by heart, be thorough with certain important topics to prepare better and set a defined target for yourself.

Form an efficient study schedule

If you’re really passionate about cracking the examination, form an efficient study schedule and abide by it. However, your study plan must be inclusive of all the important subjects. Make certain that it is brief and does not comprise of too many hours. Moreover, it should have breaks in between so that it does not feel cumbersome.

Take Mock Tests Regularly

Take online mock tests on a regular basis in order to facilitate self-analysis and put your skills to test. Mock tests have plenty of benefits, and they help candidates prepare well for their exam. Since they are time-bound, they offer an exam-like experience to the candidates.

Get high-quality study material

Since you are not availing expert guidance, it is important that you get access to high-quality study material for better preparation. Once you have completed the syllabus from the required books, you can look for more material from reliable sources to enhance your preparation.

Solve last year’s examination papers

Even if you are not taking coaching classes, there are high chances you’ll crack NEET if you adhere to this strategy. Solve previous year’s exam papers to ameliorate your time management skills and get acquainted with the pattern as well.

Believe in yourself

While preparing for the NEET examination, you must maintain discipline and believe in yourself. No matter how hard things get, you should strictly adhere to your study schedule and cut off from unnecessary social interactions. Last but not least, you should believe that you will succeed.

Take breaks to relax and rejuvenate

Although it may seem a bit impractical it is imperative to take regular breaks from your hectic schedule in order to relax and rejuvenate. Excessive pressure and stress can lead to a decline in your performance and thereby, it becomes important to rest for a while before you begin your preparation again.

Keep these tips in mind while you prepare for NEET 2019 and give your best shot.

Final Words

Every year, more than a million students appear for the NEET examination with the hope of realizing their long-awaited dreams. The competition is inordinately tough, and that is why only a small percentage of these students manage to clear the examination. A majority of these students learn from expert tutors and score well whereas there are many, who do the NEET preparation on their own and pass the examination without any help.

It is undeniable that availing coaching classes can increase your chances of cracking the NEET 2019 examination and make a huge difference in your result. Nonetheless, it is also true that it isn’t infeasible to crack the exam without taking coaching classes. All it requires is determination, proper planning, and efficient NEET preparation to pass with flying colors.