Once the students clear JEE Mains, and qualify for JEE Advanced they aim to clear IIT JEE Advanced. This examination is tougher to clear as compared to its preliminary stage as both the standard and competition level increases. JEE Advanced preparation will require more sincerity and hard work from the aspirants. As the competition gets tougher the students should pull up their socks and give in their best. The examination opens up new opportunities for those who are able to clear it.

Often it is seen that students who have cleared JEE Mains with a great score fail to perform well in JEE Advanced. This is due to some lack in their JEE Advanced preparation. This article concentrates on the mistakes students make during their preparation for IIT JEE Advanced. Let’s see these mistakes in the details below.

Where students go wrong when they prepare for JEE Advanced

  • Overconfidence
  • Ignoring the basics concepts of a chapter
  • Focusing more on the type of questions asked in JEE Mains
  • Losing out focus


Once the students clear JEE Mains they become overconfident and start taking JEE Advanced preparation quite lightly. Aspirants of JEE Advanced 2019 Examination must keep this in mind that preparation of JEE Advanced needs double the effort needed for JEE Mains. They must prepare well and thoroughly revise the chapters. All the concepts of each and every chapter should be clear. And more and more time should be dedicated to practicing problems and solving previous year papers.

Ignoring the basics concepts of a chapter

Aspirants for JEE Advanced 2019 Examination must have a clear conception about the basics of each and every topic. As JEE Advanced paper tests the knowledge of the students in their conception it is important to have the basics cleared. Any doubts in any section should be cleared before an aspirant appears for the examination.

Focusing more on the type of questions asked in JEE Mains

This mistake is often repeated by most of the students. Once they have cleared JEE Mains, they stick to the same type of preparation. They fail to perform well because the preparation lacks some basic details. Firstly, students should focus more on the type of questions asked in JEE Advanced. As the standard rises, the questions get tougher. So rather than asking technical questions, as in JEE Mains, the questions become more conceptual. The students should prepare accordingly.

Losing out focus

Another common problem seen amongst students preparing for JEE Advanced is that they lose out on focus. As they’re constantly appearing for different types of competitive examinations as well as their higher secondary examination, one after the another, not only they drain out of their energy but also lose focus. Students often tend to lose motivation and the will to crack the JEE Advanced examination after they have cleared their JEE Mains. At this point, it is important to stay focused and not to give up on the pressure.

Now that we have discussed in details the common mistakes made during the preparation of JEE Advanced, here are some tips of preparation of JEE Advanced.

Tips of preparation of JEE Advanced

  • Students must be well versed with the examination pattern. JEE Advanced question pattern is slightly different than that of JEE Mains. Students should keep the differences in the marking scheme in mind and attempt questions accordingly.
  • Revising and reviewing their own mistakes is a must. Students should definitely rectify the mistakes they made during their JEE Mains examination and practice more so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes again.
  • Aspirants for JEE Advanced must have a proper study routine and follow it thoroughly.
  • It’s okay to take some break to relax. The brain needs to calm down at times too!
  • Lastly, the students should have the will and confidence to not give up on themselves. Working hard will definitely bring success to them.

Students should always keep this in mind that the exam is not the only determining factor of their career. So while it is okay to give in all the efforts, it is not advisable to push too far. Following a study plan, working hard and practicing more and more can get the aspirants a good score in JEE Advanced 2019 Examination.