Studying in IIT’s is a big dream of most of the BTech aspirants. Students put a lot of efforts in making this dream come true but most of the students fail to complete JEE Advanced preparation within the time. It is not an easy task for the 12th standard student to crack JEE advanced but proper planning and time management help to crack the exam.

Several students fear about cracking JEE Advanced in 3 months but most of the successful IITians say it is enough time to make it happen. They say without distraction and wise utilization of resources make it easier.


Students are still in dilemma whether it is necessary to qualify JEE and have to study in IIT’s, NIT’s setting back other engineering colleges. The answer is quite simple IIT’s are the best colleges in India and graduating from these colleges will help in high package placements and better opportunities throughout the globe. Other than this these Universities are the most prestigious educational institutions in the country helping in further studies.

How to crack JEE Advanced in 3 months?

  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Syllabus & Weightage
  • Coaching
  • Books and Notes
  • Previous Papers
  • Revision
  • Group Studies

JEE advanced can be easily cracked with having a to-do attitude along with the enthusiasm to learn. The following tips help for JEE Advanced in 2020 and to achieve it easily.


Planning plays a crucial part in the preparation for JEE. A perfect 90-day plan will make a great help in preparation for JEE Advanced 2020. Make a plan from the first day and prepare accordingly. Every hour of the day needs to plan well along with making enough time for sleeping and other activities.

Time Management

Most of the students fail to manage the time during their preparation which effects the result. A proper track of time makes a better result. Divide the time accordingly based on the syllabus and the subjects to learn. Take enough time for learning the concepts from the very beginning. Make sure to complete the planned tasks within time and if possible, try to complete earlier than the prescribed time.

Syllabus & Weightage

Knowing syllabus is the first and must thing before starting the preparation. Get to know about the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) in the JEE advanced preparation and mark out the topics that are being covered. Make a note about the weightage of each topic in the syllabus and prepare accordingly. Concentrate more on the tough and scoring topics giving less preference to the others.


Prefer to attend coaching either online or offline. Online coaching makes you learn the topics clearly and in less time. Various statistics data says that 55% of the students preferring online coaching when compared with the others. Choosing the best online coaching service will give definite results and good for preparation. is one of the best preparation services which offers students a fun way of learning and problem solving along with tracking of student’s performance.

Books and Notes

Books are very important for the preparation of JEE. There are several books found in the market for JEE preparation but choosing the right ones always results in having the best grades. NCERT books are the key for JEE Advanced preparation and refer the other best books available in the market. Make thorough notes of the lectures and classes attended will be an added advantage.

Previous Papers

Just with learning concepts will not give good results but a continuous practice on topics learned makes good grades. Try to solve as many problems as you can. Most of the successful students gave their importance to practicing in their preparation.
Never leave the previous papers alone. Find as many as you can and try to solve each and every paper to know the exam toughness and pattern. Choose a good test series and make time to solve the problems in it.

JEE mock test


Always save your time to revise the topics you have learned. The more you revise the more you can remember and learn. It is advised to have enough time for the revision to get back to the topics and revise any leftover topics in the syllabus. A perfect revision will help in grasping more from the syllabus.

Group Studies

Preparation with the same enthusiastic students makes it easier for preparation. A group study helps in challenging problems one and another along with solving doubts. It also helps in managing time and learning topics easier. Group studies make to create a healthy environment for studying with better time management.

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