JEE aspirants had mostly completed their IIT-JEE preparation and giving final touches to it. Even though they are well prepared most of them to fail to do systematically. Students forget what to do and what need to do earlier and while attempting the exam. Following a systematic approach gives better grades in the JEE 2019. Let me clarify what are the things ought to do before and while attempting the exam and what are not to do.

Do’s and Don’ts before JEE 2019 examination

  • Do a thorough revision of the syllabus and had good command over the topics. Don’t try to start a new topic after the end of preparation and keep an eye on the scheduled time table.
  • Make short notes which will help at the time of revision and don’t try to cover every point in the topic during the time of revision.
  • Attempt mock tests along with the previous year papers which will help for a good revision. Always set time for the completion of the mock test. Don’t take any mock tests at the last week preparation of IIT-JEE.
  • Always be confident as you have well prepared for the exam and making a good revision. Don’t panic to the situations going wrong, try to cover them as soon as possible. Never lose hope on your exam.
  • Have a good group discussion over the doubts among the group of friends. Never let any doubt without clarifying by the end. Regularly attend coaching classes to know the tips of preparation of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
  • Always make time to eat and sleep during preparation. Regularize the timings of taking food and going to sleep. Never skip your sleeping hours because of good sleep and early awake helps in more focusing on the JEE exams 2019.
  • Stay away from distractions like entertainment, sports, and other things during the time of the exam. Make yourself room and feel comfortable in your preparation.
  • Visit your exam center before the day of the exam so that you can have an idea about traveling time to the center and to know the seating arrangement or exam room.

Do’s and Don’ts on the exam day

  • Wake up early and if possible grab some time to meditate.
  • Get an easy mode of transport to reach the exam center before the scheduled time. It is advised to do so as the exam centers are opened 2 hours earlier to begin the verification process and no candidate is allowed to the exam after the scheduled time.
  • Don’t forget to carry your admit card along with a recent passport sized photo and any one of the identity proof. Make sure you’re ready with these before reaching the exam hall and read more carefully IIT-JEE exam advisories for any other requirements.
  • Find your room and seating in the exam center and made a thorough checking of your details to enter into the exam. Don’t carry any of the prohibited items and any other material to the exam.

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Do’s and Don’ts while attempting JEE Exam 2019

  • Check the system is in working condition and all the questions are given correctly if you’re attempting the online exam. If it is an offline exam check whether you have got entire question paper or any paper missing in the booklet.
  • Follow the instructions given by the invigilator and duly sign the attendance sheet along with the thumb impression in prescribed place. It is your responsibility to verify attendance and all the signatures did at the prescribed place and column.
  • Carefully read all the instructions before beginning the exam and notify to the invigilator if anything wrong. Do follow the signals given by the invigilator before beginning the exam.
  • Read the question paper carefully and don’t panic to the time taking questions.
  • Do begin the exam calmly and always maintain decorum. Don’t begin the exam starting with easy questions or with a particular subject. Don’t try to spend equal time on three subjects.

Have a glance over the running time always and check whether all the questions have been attempted. Don’t forget about the negative marks while attempting the paper.