The NEET Exam is almost coming closer. We are sure, students must be really anxious and at the same time perplexed about many things. They may at times even doubt their own preparation method and thereby lack confidence. And this is something which students of every generation go through before they have to appear for an exam.

However, it is important to brush off nervousness from the mind and believe in one’s strength.

Students who are focused, determined and have a clear mind to not bargain less than admission in a deemed medical college in the country surely has spent their precious time in NEET preparation. Now is the time to continue staying motivated and focus on the second part of exam preparation. By now, they must have finished with concept building and also mastered all the areas of the competitive test. Right now, their focus should be to revise all the concepts and practice mock test papers to analyze one’s readiness to give one’s best on the final day.

Besides this, there are certain do’s for the students to consider and follow them religiously.

  1. Technology in the 21st Century has the power to drive one’s energy and imaginations to heights. In this case, technology can be a great asset for the students in the preparation of NEET 2019.

They can utilize the power of video lectures. These video lectures are by top teachers from the world and they can help students go to the roots of any concept. By referring them, students can brush up concepts and at the same time remember concepts better.

  1. It is also advisable to not only take tests but analyze its results alongside to know one’s mistakes and let one find out the key points where they have to make some extra effort. So, students must strive to enroll in some test series or purchase an online test series that help them to get a glimpse of NEET paper.
  2. Students should make a proper schedule and abide by it unfailing for NEET 2019 examination.

There may be multiple reasons for which students fail to follow the timetable prepared by them. That is why; it is always a wiser option to make a quasi-rigid timetable. Such kind of timetable is accommodating enough to undergo changes as per the condition.

Note- Students should not ask anyone else to make the timetable for them but it themselves based on their personal comfort and convenience.

  1. Candidates should not stress too much and give ample rest to the body and mind so that they can remain active and the learning capacity would remain at its peak.
  2. It is best if students can maintain a dairy where they can maintain formulas and key concepts better. This will help students in increasing their basic understanding of the subjects.

Further, it would also assist students in strengthening the 5R’s strategy- reading, remembering, revising, reviewing and delivering results.

neet mock test

These are the important actions to be followed at this second phase of preparation rather than being anxious and nervous as the exam nears about. There are a couple of other considerations which work as best tips of preparation of NEET and these are mainly the don’ts which students need to consider.

  1. First and foremost, avoid utilizing shortcuts and learning on new techniques. At this point in time, students must just concentrate on learning new techniques and not incorporating shortcuts. It is important that students take out time to strengthen what they have already learned.
  2. Second, avoid compiling things for tomorrow as the saying sums it up ‘tomorrow never comes.’ Following the schedule as mentioned and as per the timetable will help students achieve the goal and the target.
  3. Avoid taking advice from too many mentors as students end up being frustrated with the conflicting learning. Alongside avoid discussing with friends about exam preparation as such can lead to confusion, comparison of one’s progress level with the others. This can actually lead to depletion of student’s confidence level.
  4. Avoid wasting too much time on referring too many books at this point of time and rather stick to one or two good books that give a clear explanation of concepts.
  5. Lastly, avoid ignoring health at any cost for the saying goes, “health is wealth.” Few days of sickness implies they would lose crucial days (out of the few days left) for preparation of the exam.

That’s a wrap and here’s wishing all the candidates All the Best for the exam and Trust in Your Talent and Potential.

All the best!