In any exam, apart from the resources and guidance what is more important is self-effort. Yes, as an engineering aspirant it is not enough to have the desire in the heart to study at top institutes. To fulfill the desire, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and smart study plan to clear the JEE advanced exam which is a gateway to get into top institutes.

As students, there is no special trick to crack challenging exams other than to put in hard work, remain calm and stay focused while preparing for exams. Thus for JEE Advanced preparation you just need to be confident about your preparation. If you are taking coaching for this exam, that’s better but not a hard and fast rule to crack this exam. Even without coaching, you can clear the exam by following certain tips and tricks that we will be discussing in this piece.

Know what JEE Advanced is all about

JEE or Joint Entrance Examination is a national level Common Engineering Entrance Examination conducted for admission to various engineering Colleges/Courses in India. The test is normally conducted into two stages, namely- JEE Main 2019 and the JEE Advanced. The former stage mainly tests the candidate’s capability and in-depth knowledge of their subjects as a preliminary stage on a national level. While the later stage- known as the advanced stage basically is a challenging engineering admission test. The advanced level exam is internationally recognized.

Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced 2019

In order to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019, you have to first visit the official website which is We recommend you such as this will help you stay updated on the exam dates and schedule. In addition, here you will find special tabs which contain mock test, eligibility criteria, FAQs and syllabus among the many other important segments of this exam. Mock test and syllabus in specific are important for you because such helps you prepare well to crack this exam.

Tips for self-preparation for JEE Advanced Exam

  1. First and foremost it is important to know the pattern of the examination for here lays the crux. There is often a change in the number of questions and the marking scheme. But for convenience sake, we will mention you certain points related to the examination pattern.
    1. The language of the paper is either in English and Hindi.
    2. There are two set of papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. The sections in the question paper are divided into three parts (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).
    3. Type of Questions is Multi-Choice Questions/ Numerical Answer Type.
    4. The duration of the paper is for 3 hours each.
  2. Second is to know the syllabus and make a note of all the topics included in the syllabus. You may also create a flowchart after analyzing the syllabus and topics. You can also segment topics that are tough and also those which are the important ones in the syllabus.
  3. Third important tip for JEE Advanced 2019 examination preparation is to make a study plan. Here you make a note of which chapters you need to prepare first and the time you need to cover them. It would be best if you can create a timetable and follow it religiously. Calculate time and how many chapters you can finish within that time slot because it is a matter of self-discipline. You are going to be both a learner and your own mentor.
  4. The fourth tip is to practice questions on each topic and also the past year question papers. This will help you get an idea of the progress of your preparation and alongside sharpen your analytical ability to solve questions.
  5. The fifth tip is to make clear and concise notes on each topic so that you can go through them often. Any doubts regarding any topic, consult reference books, video tutorials and your mentor in school. Do not keep piling your doubts because this will result to pressure mounting on you in the end. Rather take note of doubts and seek immediate help.


The above-mentioned tips of preparation of JEE Advanced exam will only turn out lucky for you if you follow them without any fail. We know that you are a student with potential and to make good use of your talent, focus on preparing well for this exam and keep faith in yourself. Trust us, things will fall in place if you work with dedication and not under pressure for the next few months. Best of Luck!