Now it’s just two months for JEE Advanced and candidates must be very busy preparing for the most important exam of their career. This time is quite crucial as well as difficult. As most of the aspirants must be having stress, anxiety, and fear of what will happen will they get their desired IIT, and some must be calm and satisfied with their preparation. The pressure of scoring well is always there but some pressure of getting 300+ in JEE Advanced 2019, one of the most difficult entrance exams is something to think of.

After almost two years of JEE Advanced preparation along with 12th boards, this is the final time where you need to hold yourself show utmost confidence in your studies. It’s not just studying for hours but its equally important to act smart and use the remaining time efficiently.

So, here we are to help you to make most of your time and get your desired result. We don’t promise that these tips of preparation of JEE Advanced will work fully for everyone, but it will surely guide you and give you the last-minute motivation.

Below some tried and tested techniques and tips for the final preparation of JEE Advanced 2019

Tips to score 300+ in JEE Advanced 2019

  • First things first

Check the syllabus and paper pattern. As the candidates have recently given the JEE Mains, hence don’t get confused with the paper pattern. Take it into consideration while preparing your exam strategy. Since the pattern is not fixed, students can follow the JEE Advance 2018 paper pattern because every year it remains similar. For JEE Advanced preparation, make your study plane and revision schedule as per the syllabus and paper pattern.

  • Take a look at sample papers and previous year question papers

This is one of the most important things that will help you get into the exam environment. Solving sample question papers will give an idea of the type of questions, help you in time management and accuracy. Keep a timer on while solving the question paper to track your time per question. For achieving a 300+ score, you not only need to complete the exam on time but also complete it with accuracy.

Click here for Previous Year Papers of JEE Advanced
  • Believe in your notes

It is always a good practice to make notes while studying. If you have not done it yet, then this is the time you can make short notes of whatever you have studied. This will help you in revision and at situations when you don’t have enough time to revise everything then quickly you can refer to your short notes. There may be some tricky topics, formulae or theorems that you find difficult to remember then make a note of them and without spending much time you can go through them.

  • Fight your fear

Theorems, formulae, chemical reactions are some of the things that some students can’t easily remember and are really afraid of. So, don’t worry, study them as many times as possible, come up with different ways of memorizing them. Keep sticky notes in your room or in any place at home where you spend most of your time this will help you remember them. Also, some people manage to relate them to other interesting things or names and even patterns that can be easily recalled.

Another thing is doubts, many students have last minute doubts but they are afraid to approach their mentors. Believe us, this will be very helpful if you go and clear your doubts. Because keeping false or incomplete concepts in mind can be really dangerous.

  • Keep time for revision

Revision is something that helps you revive everything you have studied so far. This cannot be done in a short time span. So, as per your planning for JEE Advanced 2019 examination, keep enough time to revise each subject carefully. Revise only those topics that you have already studies, don’t try new topics as this may confuse you.

  • Give mock tests

Mock tests will give an overview of your preparation. If you have prepared well, then you will perform well in these mock tests and will give you more confidence. But if you have not studied well, then you can correct your mistakes now.

Click here for Mock Test of JEE Advanced
  • Hard work is the only key to success

There are no shortcuts for any exam. Only continues studies and determination can help you achieve your dream score. There is absolutely no way you can escape from hard work, especially when you have aiming to get the best that is 300+ score in JEE Advanced 2019 Exam. Study regularly, stay motivated and focused towards your goal. Be consistent in your work, studying 12 hours a day and then not studying for the next two day is not going to work. Study for specific hours every day.

  • Final thoughts

Apart from these tips of preparation of JEE Advanced, there are few more things candidates should not neglect is their health, stay healthy and eat healthily. Sleep well as adequate sleep is very important for proper brain function, meditate or do some exercise to relax. And finally, best of luck for your exam.