In India, a lot of emphasis and importance is given to the streams of engineering and medical practices. With a population of over 1.2 billion and with over 10 lakh students appearing for the numerous entrance examinations that are on offer, handling the intense competition and the exhaustive preparations that are faced by the student are what determines the success or failure in the examination.

One of the various entrance examinations that every student who aspires to pursue their careers in medical practices, appears for the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Via this article, we aim to provide you with an exhaustive set of rules that will enable you to prepare for the NEET 2019. By analyzing the crux of the situation that is faced by the student while appearing for NEET 2019 examination, we have compiled a list that encapsulates the tips for the preparation of NEET 2019, which will ensure a more wholesome methodology of preparation.

NEET 2019 Examination (Overview):

Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a written mode of examination that spans over a duration of 3 hours. With a total of 180 questions (45 questions in physics, 45 questions in chemistry and 90 questions in Biology), the maximum marks that a candidate can secure in this examination is 720 (with negative marking if the wrong response is answered). The score of this examination offers a seat in the top-most medical colleges in the country, the courses of MBBS and BDS being offered in the same.

Preparations for NEET 2019

  • Formulating a schedule according to your capacity
  • Emphasis on Concepts
  • Regular practice
  • Solve As Many Mock Tests As You Can
  • Study. Revise. Repeat!

In order to secure your seat in one of the most esteemed medical colleges in the country, you must have a firm grasp over the courses taught in Class 11 and Class 12; rather than mugging up the textbooks, one must aim to comprehend the numerous concepts mentioned as the questions that appear in these competitive examinations are based on these very concepts.

A well-structured course of study schedule will sharpen your skill set and enable you to excel in the NEET 2019 examination.

Formulating a schedule according to your capacity

Most often it is observed that students set themselves study schedules that cannot be maintained over a long duration of time. Keeping in mind that the main objective of the preparation is to ace the NEET which encapsulates the courses taught over the span of 2 years, maintaining discipline and meeting your daily goals goes a long way in keeping your optimism high and acing the NEET paper in whichever year you appear for the same.

Emphasis on Concepts

For the preparation of NEET 2019, one must have a stranglehold grasp on the numerous concepts that are outlined in the curricula of Class 11 and Class 12. Mugging up the important concepts will not ensure you acing the examination, which is why you must lay emphasis on building the foundation of the concepts right from the grassroots level.

Regular practice

Like all professions, adopting a rigorous and exhaustive scheme of practice will only sharpen your ability to accurately solve questions; attempting a number of question accurately is what matters in the NEET 2019 exam. Therefore, solving numerous questions may introduce you to important concepts that may not be mentioned in the textbooks. Make it a habit of solving questions on a regular basis in order to improve your speed and accuracy of deducing the correct answer.

Solve As Many Mock Tests As You Can

In spite of regularly solving questions, one cannot stimulate the conditions that one is subjected to while attempting the NEET examination. However, the closest you can get to simulating the conditions of the actual NEET 2019 examination is by indulging in solving numerous mock tests within the given 180-minute time duration. This practice will go a long way in enabling you to accurately attempt numerous questions while refraining from indulging in silly mistakes.

Also, it helps to increase one’s confidence in their preparation scheme as and when the actual NEET paper draws near.

Study. Revise. Repeat!

Many students remain under the misconception that they can skip certain concepts that they deem as ‘less important’ or ‘less likely’ to appear in the examination. We advise you to not remain under this misconception since one cannot anticipate the questions that are going to appear. However, what you can do is to thoroughly go through the topics that you think you need to put more efforts in and repeat the procedure to all concepts and topics.