NEET is the most important exams to crack for placement in medicine in the country. Many aspirants give a tough competition to achieve this but not an easy task. Most of the students fail to achieve it due to various reasons but many say that it is due to lack of proper preparation. There is always a doubt among the aspirants about how to start preparing for NEET to crack the exam. Following these steps will help one to crack NEET and achieve good grades.

Tips to start preparing for NEET 2019

  • Get Familiar with Syllabus
  • Prepare a Time Table
  • Begin with Basics
  • Practice questions
  • Previous year papers
  • Regular Mock tests
  • Coaching Classes
  • Revision

Get Familiar with Syllabus

First of all, take your time to know the exam syllabus and have a complete grip on the syllabus and topics being covered in the exam. It is better to have handy notes about NEET syllabus of various subjects and their topics. Make sure you are clear about the topics of the three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology and their weightage in the exam.

Prepare a Time Table

Start your preparation by making a suitable timetable based on your time. Most of the students like to study in the early hours while others prefer to study late night peacefully. Make the adjustment based on the time preferred to study and follow the timetable without any flaw. A good timetable will definitely help to crack the exam and also to achieve good grades. Schedule the time table along with time for studying, eating and sleeping along with significant intervals.

Begin with Basics

Never start any topic from the middle even if you’re genius in the topic. Start every topic freshly from its very beginning and complete the NCERT textbooks of previous classes before getting to the other. Find the best series of books available in the market for preparation other than NCERT and never opt for too many authors. Take your time in grasping topics from the basics without any doubts and stick to the timetable. A good beginning will always give a good ending.

Practice questions

Always find time to practice questions and know your performance regularly. Studying all the time will not solely help come up with good grades in the NEET but practice along with learning helps to do so. Practicing questions test the ability to answering various level of questions. Have a detailed overview of every question you practice so that it will easier during the time of revision.

Previous year papers

Never neglect the previous year papers. Most of the successful students say that previous papers are key for NEET preparation. Preparing these papers will make you know the difficulty of the exam as well as the pattern of the exam. These also help in knowing the marks covered by each subject and marks can be gained through each topic. Try to complete as many papers you can so that you can never worry about the difficulty in attempting in the main exam. It is advisable to complete the past 15 years papers and if possible try 21 years papers.

Regular Mock tests

Take mock tests regularly to know the performance of the preparation. Set time for each mock test and attempt like writing the real one and at the end value it to know the marks gained. One can also know about his weaker sections and strong areas of the subject with this mock test. It is advised to take one or two mock tests by the end of every week and be prepared to correct the mistakes done.

Coaching Classes

Opt for coaching classes that are popular and suit your timings to attend. Coaching classes always help to clear the doubts arisen in your subjects and to get some tips for attempting the exam. If possible attend for nearest coaching centres or else prefer for online coaching classes. Nowadays online coaching is far better than the others. These online portals not only teach the subject but helps to know the performance. is one of the best portals helps in knowing the performance of preparation along with strengthening weak areas, challenging question sets and preparation material.


Don’t spend all the time on preparation save some time for revision. No one was said to be successful without revising the subjects prepared. It is the main key for the preparation of every competitive exam. The more you revise the more you remember and more to achieve. A perfect preparation plan always involves a revision. Revision helps in better understanding of the concepts and remembering the topics prepared earlier. Have enough time to revise to crack the NEET exam easier.

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All the best for your preparation and exam.