Are you determined to study engineering after your 10+2? In that case, you must be really thinking hard day and night how you can clear JEE Main 2019 to pursue your career from the top-notch IITs. Well, that isn’t too hard nor is it too tough to crack the JEE mains if you know the right tricks to follow so that you could prepare well for this exam.

Let’s dive in to discuss on the laborious exercise and planning you require to follow for JEE Mains preparation to get through the gateway to some of the top engineering institutes.

Note: From this year onwards, the exam is will be held by the National Level Examination and will be in online (computer-based) mode.

Quick & Simple Tips to Consider

The simple logic you will have to follow as a student is to adopt a compact preparation planning that helps you stay positive as well assist you to perform well in the exam.

First and foremost, while at the study table avoids digital distractions. Yes, your social media accounts, WhatsApp group chats and mobile phone as a whole can be useful in acquiring essential materials for the exam. However, they can also play a huge role in distracting you and your attention span to a large extent. So, while you are at the study table, try to avoid gadgets unless it is too essential. Trust, this is going to really benefit you.

Besides such, your top tips for preparation of JEE Mains 2019 exams are given below and following these, you will find the difference in your level of preparation soon.

Prepare a draft of study schedule according to your needs and follow it religiously for best outcomes. The easiest way to prepare a schedule is to divide the syllabus according to your convenience. This could be in any form- say topic wise or unit wise- whichever you find helpful.

  1. Do not right-away start preparing for the exams. You must take a conscious effort to know the syllabus and pattern of the exam well. Alongside, flex your muscles to practice test papers from previous years and questions available after every topic. This will help you to sharpen your ability to answer questions tactfully and the progress level of study.
  2. Study all the topics of Class 11 and Class 12 thoroughly and make short notes on important topics so that you can revise them from time to time. Further, you will find these short notes handy when you have to go through each chapter in a limited time span before the final day of the exam.
  3. In the 21st Century, ‘time is considered truly golden.’ You have to thus ensure that you divide your time well between school, your tuition classes and relaxation. We say so because simply scoring well in the JEE Mains 2019 examination is not enough for you. You have to also score well in your Class 12’TH board exams as well. The sessional assessment also holds importance so you have to consider doing well in it and try not to divert your focus too much on the JEE Mains Preparation.
  4. Refer to the best books for JEE Main Preparation and also the online explanatory videos to help you quickly understand difficult concepts better. You need to get all the basics clear so that it is easier for you to attempt the objective questions without getting puzzled.

There are ample android Apps specially designed to help students successfully clear the exam. Make sure you make the best use of these digital resources and not only depend on the best books for this exam.

Minor Tips to Consider

  1. Do not study for long at a stretch. Take constructive breaks to listen to your favorite music or play some outdoor and indoor games or maybe take a short nap to help relax your brain muscles and focus well in studies.
  2. Make a list of all the difficult topics and try to break them or search for online referral videos for them right before starting to prepare for the topic. Avoid making an extensive search in the middle of the preparation as this will only result in wastage of productive study time and distract your focus.

With such tips of preparation of JEE Mains do you now feel even more confident to crack the exam successfully? We are sure; you are now at a better position to start preparing for the exam with a clear cut visionary in mind. Best of luck for the exams!