Learning is an ever going process that spread across your life cycle. However, learning as a student is a lot more different than other aspects of learning, and often difficult also. Retaining what you learn is very important, otherwise, it is like a lot of failures going down the drain. Every step of your life will be a learning for you, but, the foundation of it is laid when you are in your early years of life, i.e. learning as a student.

Several students complained that they are unable to learn and even if they do, they remember only a fraction of what they have learned. When you are preparing for competitive exams, this can be a huge problem. You might face failure, despite giving your best effort and this can be heartbreaking. To make sure you do not have to face difficulties and get the result you deserve out of your hard work, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to enhance your learning skills. No matter what examination you are preparing for, these tips will help you make your study time more effective and efficient:

Understand the study material:

To make learning effective, you need to first understand the study material. For better understanding, the best way is to teach and learn. For this you should:

  • Gather information from various sources apart from the study books. This includes online resources like YouTube, websites and many online videos. The innovative way of digital learning is considered as an effective way.
  • Focus on study material and take notes. Taking notes is one of the most effective ways to learn things faster, as you are paraphrasing the information in your own words and this helps you better retain the information.
  • Teach others, it will help you retain what you learn and teach. You can try group studies and teach the concept you have learned to others. This practice allows you to have better clarity of the subject material and thus remember it for a long time.

Make habit of writing:

As per a report of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University, writing by hand has a direct relationship with your memory. So, the more you write the more you remember. The reports say that when we write, we have to coordinate our verbal and fine movement system, which makes our learning ability sharper. To start with you’re writing practice, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Stay prepared:

You need to stay prepared, with a paper and pencil, and write down whatever you listen and consider important.

  • Start Taking notes:

Just like we said earlier, taking notes is an exercise wherein you use the maximum part of your brain. Take notes of what you are being taught or what you are reading, and also take notes of what you think about the specific topic.

  • Take advantage of the technology:

Make your notes virtual and save them on your smartphone, iCloud or any other virtual space. This will offer you instant access to the information and assist in quick revision.

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Get creative:

There are a lot of creative ways to enhance learning skills. If you make learning creative, the chances of retaining the information are increased. To utilize creativity in your learning, you can:

Use a lot of colors:

Using different colors for different subjects/ topic or highlighting important/ very important facts with different highlighter pens will help you remember them for long. When you write plain and boring, you tend to forget, but a colorful picture is easier to understand and memorize.

Improve your Focus:

If you are serious about learning and enhancing your skills.you first need to work on your focus. For this, you must:

  • Switch off your mobile phone before you sit down to study.
  • Have set a schedule for study and stick to the time table. Having a set schedule helps your brain accommodate effective learning on the specific time period when you start learning.
  • Make enough room for breaks during your study time. Yes, the monotonous study never effective. You need to give enough to your mind to refresh and start memorizing what you read and understand.
  • To make things more effective, take periodic tests. You can either design a paper for your elf or log into a website and seek mock test papers.

So, now that you know the tip & trick of improving your learning skills, get started and crack the examination with flying colors.

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