JEE advanced 2020 exam is a gateway to get admission in various courses offered by IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) institutions. It is one of the prestigious and most complicated exams in India and if you are ready for it with full confidence and great preparation, there is no one who can stop you from cracking this exam with good scores.

As candidates who are getting ready to appear in JEE Advanced 2020 for the first time, there are many facts of the preparation as well as that of the upcoming exam, would be unfamiliar. It is quite common to have doubts regarding study material, the right strategy of preparation for JEE advanced 2020 and best books available in the market for JEE advanced preparation. To deal with these thoughts that are capturing your mind, here are some useful tricks and tips for JEE advanced and how to prepare for IIT.

Tips for Preparation JEE Advanced in 2020

  • Know syllabus and exam pattern
  • Time Management
  • The determination to achieve your goals
  • Solved Previous Year Question Papers
  • Take Mock tests
  • Stay Healthy
  • Major Guidelines for exam day

Know syllabus and exam pattern

You are heading towards the right direction if you are well aware of the syllabus and the exam pattern and make every inch of preparation for JEE advanced 2020 valuable. The pattern of the exam will help you guide the marks weightage, questions weightage, marking scheme and types of questions that usually come. You need to prepare according to the officially prescribed syllabus so that you don’t waste your precious time on those topics that generally don’t come in these exams. Once you are determined to take up the test this year, thoroughly go through the syllabus and start planning how you want to cover all the important topics for JEE advanced.  Without knowing the syllabus, you cannot start your preparation with full clarity and confidence and you will always be confused as for where to start studying, what all topics to cover and which topics can be avoided to save some time.

Time Management

Time Management is the major key factor for cracking any sort of competitive exams. Every aspirant has to make a tight and disciplined schedule for self-study of all the relevant topics in all the subjects according to the exam syllabus. You have to devote a lot of time to study and revise the subjects. You need to be determined and realistic while setting up your goals. It is advisable to make a study schedule in a way that you can give equal time and concentration to all the subjects.

The determination to achieve your goals

As you are aiming to crack the most complicated national level engineering entrance examination for admission in IIT, it’s very crucial to be determined until you reach your goal. Sometimes it happens that you become very enthusiastic with the fact of appearing in JEE advanced exam for the first time and you start preparing for it with full motivation, but you may drop the consistency as the time passes. This is where many students fail to maintain the same level of motivation for preparation. You need to stay focused, dedicated and committed towards your goals from the starting to the end.

Solved Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year solved papers prove to be very useful while revising the syllabus. Also, it gives the idea of probable questions that may come in JEE advanced 2020. Students can practice from these papers to enhance their skills and speed.  With the help of these papers, it will be easy for students to judge the pattern as well as the difficulty level of the questions in IIT examination. The more previous papers you will solve, the higher will be your chances to score well in JEE advanced.

Take Mock tests

The mock test is the best way to practice for the JEE advanced 2020 online entrance exam. With these tests, they can judge themselves and analyze their performance that where they stand, where they fall apart, what they are good at and what they need to revise more. Also, it is a great medium to get familiarized with the exam pattern, syllabus, time duration and other details related to the exam.

JEE mock test

Stay Healthy

In order to accomplish success in life, you need to stay fit and healthy not just physically but mentally too. Proper eating habits and sleeping routine play a vital role in keeping you healthy. Also, practice some sort of yoga and meditation to keep your mind calm and concentrated. Stay positive in your outlook and don’t overstress yourself.

Major Guidelines for exam day:

  •    Reach on time so as to start your test in time.
  •    Do not forget to take your admit card along with one photo identity card.
  •    Do not carry belongings like an electronic watch, log books, calculator, wallet, handbag, and other non-permitted items to the exam hall.
  •    Sleep properly a day before the examination so that you can stay alert and attentive.