How to start preparing for JEE Advanced Exam

JEE Advanced is one of the most prestigious and competitive exam in the country.  Every year millions (14-15 Lakh) of aspirants compete to get selected for the finest engineering (B. Tech) courses offered by IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other renowned institutions. This exam is a second level held after JEE Main for all the IIT aspirants.

Students are left with less than a month’s time for JEE Advanced 2019 examination and they are giving in their heart and soul to get admission in one of the 23 IITs.  As it is one of the most competitive exams, it demands an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. One needs to adopt a smart approach to make optimum use of time and cover all the important topics. Also, it is very important that you are familiar with the latest syllabus of JEE Advanced so that you do not waste your time on topics that are not covered in the syllabus. Here we will share all the information and tips that will strengthen your JEE Advanced preparation and keep you ahead of others. For your reference mentioned below is the latest syllabus for JEE Advanced 2019.

JEE Advanced 2019 Syllabus

The syllabus for JEE Adv 2019 is quite vast and need investment of your time and determination. If you adopt a strategic approach towards your goal you will surely be able to cover and revise all your syllabus which will result in great performance in your JEE Advanced. Here we have shortlisted all the important topics for the exam:

Physics: In physics the topics are General Physics, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics and Modern Physics.

Chemistry: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

Mathematics: Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Vectors.

Important Books for JEE Advanced 2019

Studying from the right books makes your preparation easier and goal oriented. It plays a key role in preparation. There are a lot of useful books that a candidate should refer to apart from the NCERT. To make it easier for you below is the list of the books suggested by toppers and professionals to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019.

S. No. Subjects Books Referred
1 Physics Concepts of Physics by H C Verma (Vol-1 and Vol-2)

IIT JEE Physics by Arihant (35 years Chapter-wise Solved Papers 2013-1979)

2 Mathematics Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma
Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
3 Organic Chemistry O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis

Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

4 Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee

5 Inorganic Chemistry J.D Lee

O P Tandon Inorganic Chemistry

JEE mock test

Tips to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019

  • Do not miss the NCERT Books: To make your concepts strong NCERT books are the best reference. They are officially rolled out by CBSE board and are prepared strictly as per the syllabus. The concepts are explained using simple language and illustrations which make it easy to follow for any student. All the important points in NCERT books are highlighted which makes the revision easy for students.
  • Stay calm, relaxed and save energy: Students tend to completely get involved in studies before few days of the exam, forgetting about proper sleep and diet. Such a routine puts them into a bad physical and mental condition. Due over exhaustion of brain they tend to make silly mistakes at the exam and panic and stress takes a toll. Therefore, it is very important to be in a good health condition on the day of exam. If you are physically fit and mentally relaxed, you will be able to handle any difficult situation with calmness.
  • Follow the best books from the very start: If you do not have the apt study material then there are higher chances that you preparation for JEE Advanced may go wrong. Some books are written in such difficult language that it becomes quite difficult to comprehend things and takes lot of your time whereas in others there are a lot of errors that will ruin your preparation for JEE Advanced 2019.
  • Practice as many JEE Advanced Sample Papers as possible: Practising sample papers is a great way to get into the exam mode. It is very important that along with your text books and practice sets you also go through the multiple previous year sample papers for JEE Advanced. Sample papers will give you a real idea of the exam and helps you to effectively manage your time and accuracy.
  • Prepare notes of whatever you study: Making notes of important things is a good habit as these notes come handy at the time of revision. While revising, these notes will take you through all the important points in a particular topic and you are saved from going through the lengthy text. This practise will save your time and energy which you can use on other important things.

Follow these simple tips and you will be able to perform exceptionally well in JEE Advanced 2019.

All the best for the exam!