The JEE Mains 2019 was conducted on January 08 – 12, 2019 and the result was declared on January 19, 2019. The results showed that there were 15 toppers who secured a perfect score of 100 percentile. One of them is Dhruv Arora. He is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. In Mathematics and Physics, he came out in flying colours with a massive 100 percentile and about 99.99 percentile in Chemistry. Let us have a close look into the profile of Dhruv Arora and check more about this exceptional performance.

What is the profile of JEE Mains 2019 Topper –  Dhruv Arora?

 There were a total of 8,74,469 candidates who appeared the JEE Mains entrance examination on January 2019, out of which Dhruv Arora being one of the 15 candidates who topped the examination and came out in flying colours scoring a magnificent 100 percentile as a perfect score. The candidates who wish to apply for the next year can absolutely learn a lot from his experience and expertise as it would help them to grow better in this. Dhruv completed his schooling from Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya, Indore and his marks in Mathematics and Physics was 100 percentile while it was 99.99 percentile in Chemistry. The NTA (National Testing Agency) awarded him with 100 percentile score for his exceptional performance and excellence. He proved to be hardworking and his work provided the results he deserved.

What is his family background?

Dhruv’s father works in a pharmaceutical company as a manager. His mother passed away two years ago and brother is still continuing his schooling.

Educational background and interests

Dhruv took coaching classes from Catalyser and had enrolled himself in a two-year programme. He did this with the sole aim to crack JEE Mains entrance examination. He thinks differently about this and wants to stand out of the crowd on this. Dhruv, who is a topper is having a dream to go for research or to join IISc. In an interview, he mentioned, “As of now, I have not decided whether I would take admission in IIT or not. I might go into the research field or join IISc”. He also says, “I won’t give any specific advice. A candidate should give more time to a subject which he finds difficult”. This was quoted in an interview taken by the media of this star performer. Source.

What are his other achievements and what was the strategy behind it?

Dhruv participated in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and IAPT’s Physics Olympiad Examinations. He scored 212 out of 228 in that. In addition to that, he has also ranked 30 in all India in KVPY. There are many candidates who find it difficult to balance between the preparations of JEE Mains and the Board exam. The 100 percentile scorer, Dhruv, mentions about how it is possible to balance them and what importance do the mock tests hold in every student’s life. Practicing previous years questions also help in completing the preparations. He also mentioned that “In Class 12 Board Examination and JEE Mains, questions are based on NCERT only, therefore I did not study separately” The only advice he gives is – “Keep high expectations and hopes from self. Also, focus on the subject more which you find you are the weakest in.”

Dhruv’s Analysis of the JEE Mains 2019 January Exam

Discussing his experience with the JEE Mains 2019 exam that was conducted by NTA for the first time Dhruv says, “the exam was pretty much the same as the one CBSE was conducting.” Online methods were never trouble. He says he found the chemistry questions a bit tricky and tough to solve. He added that the problem is nothing but to remember a lot of formulas in Chemistry. It was a bit tough for him, as compared to that of Physics and Maths.

Keep working hard and know the weakest subject that you have on your mind. Keep working on the weakest subject and you will get your expertise in that. You need to understand that there is no shortcut to success. You need to keep aspiring and hoping high. The previous year’s question papers and mock exams will help a lot in practicing for your exams. NCERT is going to be the book you should religiously follow.

Since Dhruv has appeared in JEE Mains 2019 January, he had few words to say about the exam. The April candidates should take some notes as it would help them to excel and improve in their studies.