The results of the very prestigious exam JEE Main 2019, came out on January 19th. The second part of the exam that is JEE advanced result announced on January 31st. While these result dates made most of the appearing students extremely stressed, it brought great news to the Bojja family of Andhra Pradesh. Chetan Reddy is one of the 15 extremely talented students to have bagged a hundred percentile in the JEE exams in the month of January.

Chetan Reddy credits his success to the staff at Sri Chaitanya Institute where he had undergone intensive educational curriculum to bring out the best in him. Bojja aims to be in IIT-Mumbai with either computer science or electronics engineering as his branch.

Comes from a middle-class background

When asked about his family background he answered that his father is a respected professor and now the Head of the Department of the subject Electronic at the Lakireddy Bali Reddy Engineering College. He has been a professor there for years. His mother, Jaya Sudha is a housewife, and she made sure he never missed a meal in all this time of struggle.

He also told us that he enrolled in intensive integrated coaching at the prestigious Sri Chaitanya to help him achieve his JEE targets. On questioning, Chetan told us that he loves playing chess. He believes this game gives him the strength to think ahead of the game. He confronted that he used to get very little leisure time during his preparation years still he used to play chess once in a while.

We questioned Chetan why he has this strong desire to pursue engineering, and on that, he shared his childhood story stating, “In my class six, I discovered my love for the math subject. My father is a professor of electronics himself; we always had a studious environment in our home. As I grew up to realize that I want to go to IIT-Mumbai to study Computer Science and Electronics.”

Success born out of hard work and vigorous coaching

A lot of people have been wondering how this normal looking boy became the kind of prodigy that he is and to that he answered, “I thoroughly researched the JEE Main entrance exam when I was in the eighth standard. I gave my ideas a physical form of plans. When I completed my 10th Standard, I enrolled in a foundation course. I also joined an intensive integrated coaching program by Sri Chaitanya to help me get to my prime target that is, JEE Mains. By the time August 2018 came, we had already completed our syllabus, and after that, it was all practice and revision. As for my preparation strategy, I just made a plan that I should complete my entire as early as possible and dedicate the rest of the remaining time to revision and practice. I managed to follow this plan, and this got me maximum results.”

A lot of students who are preparing for any undergraduate national level entrance exam often struggle with the issue of balancing their board exams and their upcoming entrance exam, when Chetan questioned if he faced the same problem, he confidently answered, “JEE Main is a subset of the preparation we do for JEE advanced hence it barely requires any other preparation strategy. However, since the board exams are completely subjective, the preparation strategy is also very different. We had separate classes for the preparation of boards, and now that JEE main is over, I will be able to concentrate on the board exams much better.”

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Coaching classes are an important paradigm of success

One question that crosses the mind of every JEE aspirant and his/her parent is how important coaching classes are? To resolve this issue once and for all, we questioned Chetan for the same, and he was very clear with his answer, “I won’t talk about everyone, but for me, I was very young when I first dreamt of JEE-Mains. I was young, with a lot of desires but very little knowledge. I felt lost and devoid of guidance until I joined coaching centers. Our teachers really took care of us, and they successfully channelized our energy. These teachers are highly experienced, and they break down what seems like a mountain of topics into fragments and with the help of small targets, we ultimately achieve the biggest one.”

As the concluding question of the interview, we asked Chetan about the most awaited question of JEE Aspirants, What was the success mantra that got him so far? Hard work and consistency is the key. Keep going even after the tenth unsolved problem, and after you solve the eleventh, you will never have to deal with unsolved questions of that type, ever again.”