The year has already started and only a few months left for NEET examination 2019. Everybody on their brisk phase of preparation with dumping all the books around and lost in time. Students are on their marks to complete the vast ocean syllabus to crack the NEET and get a seat in medical like most aspirants dream.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET) conducted by NTA has witnessed a lot of changes from the earlier years. The examination has become more difficult to clear. Most of the students find it easy to complete with strategic planning and hard work while others lose it due to various distractions. Hence students are advised to never do these 10 things in preparation for NEET 2019.

10 things not to avoid while preparation of NEET Exam

  • Avoiding NCERT books
  • Referring to too many books
  • Mastering Weak areas
  • New topics at last moment
  • Never neglect the Time table
  • Too many breaks
  • Time taking on unnecessary topics
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Overwork and Stress
  • Avoiding Revision

Avoiding NCERT books

There are various books found in the market and most of them will be helpful for good reference but NCERT books are the key books that are required for NEET 2019 preparation. Even though books found in the market have a lot of information but most of the exam questions are covered in NCERT books. Avoiding these books will be a major threat to the preparation.

Referring to too many books

Finding several books available in the market and trying to cover all the books at once will replace the grades in the exam. Referring to too many books will impact the preparation for NEET and sometimes confused with the topics learned. Find the best series of books and follow throughout the end of the exam along with the NCERT books to easily crack NEET.

Mastering Weak areas

Trying to master weak areas to gain good marks in the exam will make you lose more. Most of the students try to improve the weak topics and spend most of their time leaving the other major topics which impact on the revision of the syllabus. And also end up forgetting the known topics. Hence always avoid doing this meanwhile in the preparation.

New topics at last moment

Most of the students try to learn new topics at the end of the preparation for NEET and this will be the major reason that leads to failure. Never try to learn new concepts at the end by killing the time for solving previous papers. Make sure you cover all the topics at the beginning and start revising at the end.

Never neglect the Time table

Always stick to the time table prepared at the beginning of the preparation. Losing track on time table and adjusting the time frequently creates a negative impact. Complete the preparation based on the time table and keep in track of the preparation. Never replace your time of NEET preparation with unnecessary things.

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Too many breaks

Avoid too many breaks during preparation. Taking too many breaks at the time of preparation distract what we are doing and cause to lose seriousness on the exam. Always maintain time for preparation and other activities. Take a break whenever it is needed but not all the time.

Time taking on unnecessary topics

Don’t spend too much time on less scoring and unnecessary topics. Spending time on less scoring will not give you good grades. It is better to give less preference to those topics while preparing. Know the syllabus and topics thoroughly and adjust time accordingly on important and scoring topics.

Avoid Distractions

Try to be away from the distractions that will impact your preparing schedule. NEET is one of the toughest exams and cracking it is not as easy as possible. One can qualify only when he left his distractions aside. Stay focus on the NEET 2019 to occupy in medicine.

Overwork and Stress

Overwork and stress are the two main problems result in a lot of health and mental issues. Always find enough time to prepare and enough time to rest. More work creates a number of issues which will end up in not attending the exam. Make your mind clear and keep out of stress and always develop a positive will of clearing the exam.

Avoiding Revision

Never take a chance to avoid revision. Even a longer or shorter preparation always needs a revision. Most of the student spent all the time on preparation leaving no time for revision but only a few succeed doing so. Revising as many times as you can make you remember the topics well and attempt well in the NEET 2019. One can achieve more by practicing more.

Not doing these 10 things help you to achieve good grades in the upcoming exam. For more updates keep an eye on our website