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Things you should not do for IIT JEE preparation

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When you are a science student and in class 12th, the major concern that comes up to your path is to clear or to get good grades. Well, another thing that piles up to this board exams is the entrance exam. The IIT JEE Mains becomes a path for a lot of students willing

What Are The Last Minute Strategies For JEE Mains April 2019?

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For the students who are appearing for the JEE Mains April 2019 Examination, it is really important to make sure that they prepare early. We would recommend that preparing for the examination a few months earlier would be a good idea. There is no doubt about the fact that JEE Mains preparation is completely

How To Prepare For The JEE Mains April 2019 After Screwed Up In The January Exam?

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There is no doubt about the fact that the JEE Mains is one of the most popular exams that the students have to take every single year. Now, with JEE Mains April 2019 Examination approaching, it is important for the students to make sure that they all go for the JEE Mains preparation. It

JEE Main 2019 Topper Interview: Dhruv Arora

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The JEE Mains 2019 was conducted on January 08 – 12, 2019 and the result was declared on January 19, 2019. The results showed that there were 15 toppers who secured a perfect score of 100 percentile. One of them is Dhruv Arora. He is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. In Mathematics and Physics,

What are some tips for cracking JEE Mains?

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Every year the number of students applying for the JEE or Joint Entrance Examination increases. Thus, the competition also increases. Students, in order to crack the exam, devote their entirety and expect results. But at times it has observed that despite giving lots of efforts students fail to crack the entrance test. The reason behind

How should I prepare to crack the JEE Mains in 2019?

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IIT conducts JEE consistently to admit praiseworthy students to a few IITs situated the nation over. Students, who wish to get admitted to any of the best IITs need to clear IIT JEE with the best score. They need to get a base score called cut-off score to get an opportunity of progressing to

How should you study for JEE Mains 2019?

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Are you determined to study engineering after your 10+2? In that case, you must be really thinking hard day and night how you can clear JEE Main 2019 to pursue your career from the top-notch IITs. Well, that isn’t too hard nor is it too tough to crack the JEE mains if you know

JEE Mains – The Definitive Guide

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JEE Mains 2019 is being conducted in two phases by NTA. The phase 1 was over in January and phase 2 will be in April. The application form will be available from 8th February 2019. The applicants can fill the online form on the official website of NTA ( OR JEE Mains Eligibility

Follow these 7 steps for scoring 250+ marks in JEE Mains

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Scoring high marks and a decent All India Rank is the fantasy of each JEE student. They buckle down for quite a long time and nights to accomplish their fantasy to get confirmation in premium engineering institutions in India. We comprehend their irritation to break the JEE Main 2019 with 250+ scores that will

How to Perform Better in JEE Mains April 2019

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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) stands in need for the admission to Indian Institute of Information Technology (IITs), National Institute of Technology (NITs) and for other colleges, which are delegated as Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFITs). This engineering entrance examination constitutes two different papers- Paper 1 & Paper2. Candidates have the option to undertake either