Preparing for JEE is one of the toughest tasks in student life after the XI class. Every JEE aspirants spend most of their time in a day to prepare of JEE Advanced 2019. Some students work hard as a bee all day but never taste success while others with less hard work achieve it very easily.

Mere hard work will not help to crack the exam but with the systemic approach and dedication will definitely do so. Students try to succeed but fail as they are unable to avoid the few things while preparing for the exam. Here are the most common things needs to be avoided to boost up your rank in JEE 2019.

Avoided following things while preparing for JEE Advanced

  • Showing Disinterest on Coaching classes
  • Leaving the basics
  • Negative thinking
  • Too much focus on one subject
  • Attraction towards other entertainment
  • Spending sleepless nights before the exam
  • Rushing to complete syllabus
  • Leaving things to do
  • Spending time on Hobbies
  • Not Analyzing Mock tests

Showing Disinterest on Coaching classes

Most of the students skip coaching classes and focusses on self-study. Even though it is a good idea to learn on their own but not the best to do. Coaching classes play a significant role and also help to clear doubts and to get tips of preparation of JEE Advanced. Meanwhile one can gain more knowledge from the subjects by attending coaching classes. Be regular to the classes whether offline or online to boost up your rank.

Leaving the basics

JEE aspirants leave the preparation basics believing that they are very good at basics which is the most common thing needs to be avoided. Even though one can be good at basics but it is advisable to start preparation from the very beginning. Neglecting the class XI syllabus is the main reason for improper JEE rank. Have a strong command over the basics and apply the basics at the relevant and important topics during the time of preparation.

Negative thinking

Always stay away from negative thinking and look the positive side. Never doubt yourself about cracking the exam which might lose your confidence. Make yourself confident and do not panic about the things going wrong and think more to overcome them. Be positive in every aspect and always be ready to face the outcomes.

Too much focus on one subject

Maybe most of them have an interest in any one subject among the others and focuses on that which by the end will lead to a complete failure. As the exam weightage is based on the three subjects equally. Focussing on one subject does not help to achieve a good grade in the exam. Make sure to concentrate on the three subjects equally and prepare accordingly.

Attraction towards other entertainment

While preparing for JEE Advanced, stay away from the distraction like the internet, television and other entertainment stuff. These distractions impact the preparation and drain valuable time. Take an oath before preparation from these things and set your mind to away from these things. Social media is a major distraction that students fail to overcome these days and always be away from it.

Spending sleepless nights before the exam

Don’t skip your sleeping during the last phase of your exam. Sleepless nights doesn’t deliver you extra knowledge but surprises with serious health issues which effects during the exam. Take enough time and sleep well before the exam which both healthy and good for next day preparation.

Rushing to complete syllabus

Don’t be in a rush to complete the syllabus as soon as possible stick to the plan drafted earlier. Take your time to learn the concepts and topics well and if it exceeds the planned time grab some from the revision. Grab enough time to complete syllabus and make it in a systematic way.

Leaving things to do

Never postpone the preparation to the next day. Planning timetable systematically doesn’t get you the best results but following it will definitely do. Stick to the timetable and work hard accordingly. Always analyze your time based on the syllabus covered and need to be covered by the end of the day.

Spending time on Hobbies

Everybody has hobbies like sports, listening to music and doing other things and spending time on these things is natural but doesn’t make a good idea during preparation. It is advised to reduce the usual spending time on hobbies to concentrate more on the exam. A wise adjustment of time on other activities will always be beneficial.

Not Analyzing Mock tests

Most of the JEE aspirants never look back towards the mock tests. Once they are done with them they won’t take time to analyze it again. It is better to revise the test papers and analyze the mistakes done and to know in which subject we are lagging and needed to concentrate more. A thorough check of mock test scores will make a greater change in the preparation.