When you are a science student and in class 12th, the major concern that comes up to your path is to clear or to get good grades. Well, another thing that piles up to this board exams is the entrance exam. The IIT JEE Mains becomes a path for a lot of students willing to do engineering. Thus if you want to be an engineer from IITs, it is required for you to clear not just the IIT JEE Mains exam but also the IIT JEE Advance exam followed to it. But a question arises to every single science student that how are they supposed to work for both the exams together? i.e. the boards and the JEE Mains? Well, a simple solution to this question is what has brought here to you.

 Things to avoid while JEE Preparation

  • Do not mix Board exams with IIT preparations

While it is as much important to attempt the JEE exams like that of the boards, but, what students don’t clearly understand is the fact that JEE exams have more than a half percentage of paper from the syllabus that has already been taken in the 12th board syllabus. Thus, it is to be made sure that you give a thorough study to your 12th class syllabus. This makes half of your preparations for the mains paper as well. After the board exams commence, you can then opt for the syllabus of 11th standard as half of your preparations will already be done for the same.

  • Do not go for heavy syllabus books

While preparing for these examinations, it is very important to know the concepts of basics. We sometimes feel like an exam like IIT JEE would have a certain difficulty level. Well, the truth is, they do have a difficulty level, but these levels are easily done with the help of your NCERT books. You can use other books for guidance purpose but the main that should be focused on is your books. This brings down to the words spoken in the above paragraph, as soon as you work for class 12th, half of your course will be covered as you are going to do the board preparations from the NCERT books only.

  • Do not miss to be aware

Many of us do not follow this concept of marking scheme as we are not aware of it or do not know what is the effect of the same. So let’s just make it clear. While giving the exam you should know that there is a certain amount of negative marking for every wrong answer. So, while answering you need to be very much confident as it might lead you to negative marking. Many of the students do not look for this negative marking and end up having a bad score just because of the same.

JEE mock test

  • Avoid wasting time

A very important aspect of preparing for the exam is to decide your curriculum. This is needed as you need to put a focus on each and every part of the subject and to be mastering into it. Thus, it becomes very important to work according to time and cover up as most as you can. The time table should focus on all three subject, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There should be a balance between all the three while working.

  • Do not go underprepared

If you are going to attempt for the IIT JEE 2019 April attempt, you must look for all the previous years papers to have an idea of how exactly the paper is going to be. This will provide you with a rough blueprint of this year’s paper on how it will be like. You can make an estimate according to your interest in the subject as to how it has to be prepared. This will also make you clear with the marking scheme for the syllabus of each subject. You will be clear with the areas that have a higher weight of marks and the areas you need to brush up more while going through.

  • Avoid stress and tensions

While time management has been seen above, it is also important to make sure that you keep your mind calm, composed and focused. While working towards the goal, stress is what comes behind. Thus, make sure to keep your mind away from all the stress and be confident while working towards your goal for exams.

A science student knows the importance of having a balance between learning for boards and IIT JEE together. Thus, it is very much required that the students get aware of as to how the exams are to be managed and what will be the benefits of it. A brighter student will always work with analysis and know all the facts and figures required. Make sure that you do not miss any of the opportunity of learning while giving IIT JEE 2019 exam.