All of us have always heard and learned about the fact that it is important to keep our body healthy for a healthy life. We exercise on a regular basis, keep our diet clean and sometimes massage as well. But has anyone of us thought about the health of our mind in the same way?  Are we taking proper care of our brain? Do we know how healthy mind works?

As we know that all the cells of our body is related to the brain and communicates with the brain. So, it is important that one should take care of mental health as well. If you do some mental exercise or some challenging games then it will help you to make a strong connection or even create a new one.

Brain Exercise To Keep Your Mind Healthy

  • Using The Non-Dominant Hand
  • Think Creatively Always
  • Count Backwards
  • Keep Your Diet Healthy
  • Do Crossover Exercises
  • Interact With Different People
  • Have A Positive Mindset

Below here we have mentioned a few exercises and tips for a healthy mind.

Using The Non-Dominant Hand

Science says that the dominant hand of a person is connected to the opposite side of their brain. This means if your right hand is dominant then it is connected to the left side of your brain. So when you use your left hand you might feel clumsy. So try using the non-dominant hand as well. This will help in creating many new connections among your brain cells and make you more open-minded and increases creativity.

Think Creatively Always

One of the most effective ways to keep your brain responsive is by thinking creatively always. So, whenever you get a break from study or at school try to narrate a story and use only ten words to describe the story. This is a very simple exercise yet this puts your brain at a very engaging level and brings out its creative side.

Count Backwards

This is among those exercises that require the full concentration of your brain. All you have to do is count number or alphabets in backward order. For example, you can begin from 100 and keep subtracting 2 from it until you reach zero. Then again count the number forward and this time add 3 to it until you have reached or crossed hundred. This is one of the simplest and yet very fun exercises to keep your mind on track.

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Keep Your Diet Healthy

Most of us have always believed this myth that we require special tonic or supplements to keep our mind sound and healthy. This might work to some extent but this is not totally true. One can get all the nutrients that are required for a healthy brain from food only. One of the special nutrients that are required for the brain is omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients can be found in foods like tuna, salmon. For brain cell formation and building the cell membranes, you can also eat almonds.

Do Crossover Exercises

When you keep interaction between the right and the left side of your body, it helps you to keep your brain in a healthy state.  This is a simple yet very effective exercise. For example, try to touch the right foot of your body with your left hand or left knee of your body with your right hand. Do this exercise daily and keep changing the body parts daily. Make sure you try to do the exercise as exact as possible.

Interact With Different People

Interacting with different people doesn’t only mean that you have to interact with a stranger. It can be anyone like your parents, grandparents, siblings or it might be your neighbor as well. The main fact is that socializing is a very important thing to do for a sound mind. Research has shown that interacting with people develops a cognitive reserve. In addition to that, interacting regularly with people helps in reducing the hormones that are responsible for stress.

Have A Positive Mindset

When a student gets old and mature then he starts to think about his health and the well-being of his family. This creates a lot of negative vibes in them which is not good for the brain. Experts have always said that it is better to keep positive thinking and see the glass as half full. One should not over-think the outcome of the future.  When a student is having a bad day then it is because he is going through a rough period. At such times the students should recall the times from their past when they were happy and keep themselves in that place.

These were the 7 pro tips that will help the students to get a healthy as well as a sound mind. Heath doesn’t mean body fitness only it says about your mind as well. make your fun full to keep your mind healthy and learn more.