Students appearing for NEET Exam 2019 to pursue medical, dental and Ayush courses, we have a question for you.

Are you slightly puzzled and anxious?

Well, encountering these two emotions before the exams are but obvious. However, if you have a sound understanding of NEET exam pattern 2019and have managed to cover say 70-80% of the syllabus by now, there is nothing to worry. So, stay calm and simply follow up with a strategic study plan for the exam.

We have some practical tips for you on how to prepare for NEET as you still have about two more months for the final exam. Utilize the time on covering the syllabus by following the structured timetable you have prepared for the exam preparation. Also, we recommend you to keep self-analyzing things as you prepare for the exam. Meanwhile, check out some other vital tips mentioned below:

Time Management to Attempt Questions Smartly

This NEET Exam is Pen Paper test and not an online test. So, as goes the saying, “practice makes a man/woman perfect” you need to, therefore, practice how to manage your time fruitfully in the exam. Your attempt should be to study well and solve exercises related to individual topics to register things that you are learning in your memory. Question banks are available in the market and make use of it to practice daily. This will also help you to time your attempts on each question.

Seek for Mock Tests

Among many other tips for NEET exam 2019, this tip is very important for you. Take up complete mock tests as it will help you figure out how you are going to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes. Along with it, this exercise will help in boosting your confidence to a greater degree.

Attempting mock tests frequently assists students to brush their skills and make the utmost use of their brain to dig out the best paper attempting plans to score better. Every individual student has his/her style of attempting things in a particular situation. So, self-analysis can play a decisive role in helping students do better in exams.

Follow Both Online and Offline Study Material

As you are preparing for the latest NEET syllabus are you simply depending on good printed study materials and books? If so, we recommend you to also refer some ace video tutorials or explanatory resources available online as well. This is because as per studies student is likely to remember 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content and 95% of audiovisual content. Logically if you think, video content will help you cover concepts faster than textual content so that’s how you save time in NEET exam preparation and utilize the saved time on revision and on practicing mock tests.

Make a Check List of the Weak Areas

All good coaches suggest their students focus not only on the strong points but also to work upon the flawed areas. So we would also point out the same thing to you that as an important part of your preparation of NEET 2019exam, please list down your weak areas. Put that list above your study table and check the list every day and see if you are working on those areas mindfully. Work on the fundamental and basic concepts. Devote your complete attention on brushing up your skills on the weak areas.

Prepare Crisp & to-the-point Notes for Revision

The NEET Exam-Pen Paper Test can be in your favor if you have managed to cover everything in the syllabus strategically. Believe it or not, how you are preparing for the exam can decide a lot about how you are going to perform in the exam. Now that you are working on the detailed study of the topics, what you can do simultaneously is start preparing short notes on important topics. This is helpful because in the end moment you will not have to go through the entire study material during the exam. You could simple revise these short notes and recall things without feeling stressed out.


In order to utilize time in the exam, you just need to be confident, smart and tactful to utilize all the knowledge which you are now working upon to acquire for the NEET exam in 2019. There is no shortcut to success so put in all your efforts rightfully now to enjoy the results of this hard work later. All the Best!