Every year the number of students applying for the JEE or Joint Entrance Examination increases. Thus, the competition also increases. Students, in order to crack the exam, devote their entirety and expect results. But at times it has observed that despite giving lots of efforts students fail to crack the entrance test. The reason behind it is the poor planning of studying and lack of understanding of the question paper pattern. Now in order to compensate with this poor planning one has to devise their own routine by following some tips to crack JEE Main. Thusly, here are some tips which can be followed by students for JEE Mains preparation especially while the Prepare of JEE Mains 2019. It is to keep in mind that the JEE Mains 2019 examination as like the previous year papers. It will consist of three subjects only, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Tips to crack JEE Mains 2019 Exam

  • Out of some of the most important tips to crack JEE Main, the first tip is that even to envisage the dream of cracking this tough exam. One has to prioritize that, why an aspirant dreams to give this exam. Thusly, he/she has to figure out the essentiality of completing that dream. So setting the goal is the first step after which one has to make the routine to which strict adherence is important.
  • After having been set with a routine, the next work is to start with the basics and beginning with most easy chapters will be rather more fruitful. It is important to note that procrastinating JEE Mains preparation will take trouble only oneself, not others. So an aspirant should always remember not to procrastinate the study hours. It is so because after starting for once, one would take time to just adapt to the concept, which isn’t enough. The thing which is important is that there has to be time given to each subject. That would make oneself spend time on the topics so as to grasp the tricks and techniques to master in that subject.
  • As per JEE Mains 2019 examination, the Prepare of JEE Mains 2019 has to be strong in the physics paper most, after the mathematics paper. This is so because as per certain analysis it has seen that students scoreless in physics than in chemistry section. Since the Physics paper is found quite tough so starting off with important chapters would be the best way to complete the course sooner. The most important units to be completed first are-
    1. Electricity
    2. Thermodynamics
    3. Mechanics
    4. Kinematics

Most important books to be followed chronologically are-

    1. NCERT Books
    2. HC Verma
    3. Irodov
    4. Mock papers
  • For Mathematics one has to first be thorough with the fundamental concepts. After which NCERT book should be the first one to be picked. Mathematics is the most necessary subject and the highest marks paper. One has to devote more time to doing mathematics than Physics and Chemistry. The following books have to be followed precisely-
    1. NCERT Book
    2. RD SHARMA
    3. Coordinate geometry and trigonometry by SL Loney

If someone wants thorough coverage of this subject then thorough practicing and giving efforts on above said books. It would be really awesome to accomplish command over the subjects. However, the above-said books are not exhaustive so one can choose and practice the subject as per there wish.

  • Now comes the last subject that is Chemistry. For this subject, one has to primarily decide how much time one should invest in each part out of the parts of the paper. The three parts are the physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. The majority portion being from physical chemistry, those chapters should be finished first. Then the approach towards inorganic and organic chemistry should be made. Physical chemistry constitutes the maximum weightage of marks.

In inorganic chemistry, the p block and transition elements chapters are carrying the least weightage. It can either be studied at the last or in the first. So that one can carry out successful completion of a considerably smaller chapter.

In organic chemistry, one should give the most stress in carbohydrates, amino acids, and polymers chapters. In light of the fact that these chapters carry a lot of marks in the question paper as per the general trend.

These were some of the few tips. But the most important things for an aspirant to keep in mind is that it is consistency and lots of practice. That will make them succeed in the JEE Mains 2019 examination. Every student should practice a lot of mock papers and previous year paper so as to get a good rank in the exam. Above all the zeal to crack the exam and self-confidence is most important for JEE Mains preparation.