A Brief Overview of NEET Exam 2019

NEET is abbreviated as National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. NEET is an entrance assessment which offers an opportunity to those students who are willing to do graduation and post-graduation in the field of medicals and dental.  Undergraduates from all over the country may appear for this single held exam. This entrance exam was earlier conducted by Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE), but now the conducting body has changed. The right of conducting NEET 2019 examination is now granted to National Testing Agency (NTA).

It is an entrance exam which is held in India in 11 different languages. As obvious, Hindi and English are the two common languages, but apart from that, there are 9 more languages – Assamese, Marathi, Tamil, Odia, Urdu, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, and Gujarati.

NEET proposes approx. 66000 seats for admission in MBBS and BDS colleges across India. There are three medical institutions which do not come under the purview of NEET. They are – All India Institute of Medical Science in New Delhi (AIMS), Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) and Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh (PGI).

Considering the fact that NEET is an imperative entrance exam which tends to be very challenging for prospective students, cracking such an exam requires complete dedication and hard work.

NEET 2019 examination is now on your head and you have to appear in this exam in less than two months. Now, you must be worried about your exams. And there will be many lingering queries like how well I am prepared for my NEET 2019 examination? Whether I am done with my whole syllabus? Will I be able to crack this biggest medical exam?

Don’t worry! This article will provide you some crucial tips of preparation of NEET. Come on… let’s figure out some last minute strategies for cracking NEET 2019 examination.

What Are The Last Minute Strategies For NEET 2019?

Cracking NEET exam is a dream of many potential students. Henceforth, students who have passed 12th standard should now focus more on studies. NEET exam is a difficult challenge to complete. It requires minimum 10 to 12 hours of study in a day. Planning with time management is the key factor of success in order to complete the tenure of NEET preparation. Through the medium of this article, we are going to deliberate some tips of preparation of NEET 2019.

Here is the checklist of some exclusive tips of preparation of NEET:

  • Try To Maintain Balance In Your Efforts

Physics, Biology, and Chemistry are the three main subjects which require your maximum attention. Try to divide your time slots for all three of them. Be a good balance maker and time manager. Putting too much effort in one or two subjects will not give you success. You have to put an equal effort into all the three subjects. Let’s understand it! Suppose you are studying for 12 hours, then divide that time equally in all the three subjects. In this way, you will be able to revise and practice properly. Moreover, you will have a equal hold on them.

  • Last Minute Revising Leads You To Success

Revising and practicing the syllabus plays an active role in NEET preparation. Try to pick important questions from respective chapters and solve it on a paper. Also, you can solve one whole mock test on a daily basis just before your exams. Give 3 hours to yourself for solving the full-length test paper. It will help you to be in a virtual exam situation and practice to handle things well.

  • Never Ever Try To Start With New Topics

Revising and practicing old chapters will help you in clearing NEET exam. Studying new chapters when you have a little time left is not at all a good idea for medical aspirants.  Try to strengthen your weaker chapters instead of starting with a new one.

neet mock test

  • Make A List Of Important Terms, Meanings, Graphs, Diagrams, And Formulas

Preparing notes helps a lot in doing last minute revision. Students should make a list of important formulas, graphs, terms, etc., of important chapters and can do a quick revision from those valuable notes.

  • Try To Take A Sound Sleep

Stress-free sleep is mandatory for fresh mornings. It is very important to take sound sleep just before the day of your exam. This will keep your mind fresh and you will be all set with an energetic mind & soul to give your very important exam that will decide your future.

Kindly follow these worthy tips of NEET preparation and fulfill your dreams in the field of medical and dental.

All the best!!